We’re ok, we’re alive, just letting you know. We ARE publishing the second book, we just keep pushing it back because we don’t want to deliver a sub-par story.

Don’t hold your breath, we will let you know when it is out. 🙂 Really sorry for the silence – yet people who have jobs and daily duties will know what we mean when we say that time can become a difficult thing to manage. We are dedicated to the project and we will continue it.

Thank you for keeping up with us so far.

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Merry Xmas!

aND A hAPPY nEW yEAR! 😀 Hehehe!

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Still alive

Cooper and I are ok. We’re going through some life-stuff and it keeps us busier than we can handle, but we are ok.

Trap Me 2 will be launched at one point, we just don’t want to release an unfinished book and strive to make it much, much better than the first one. *hugs*

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Major / Minor – Furry Game Review

Major Minor Review Furry Game

While investigating the market for furry games, as we are working on a little game ourselves, Cooper and I stumbled upon “Major/Minor” – a furry novel game. What made us do a double-take on it was the fact that it had been launched on Steam. Quite impressive to begin with as we all know the general view of society when it comes to furry products.

Let’s jump right in! – (click on “Continue reading”)

Continue reading

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Fifth draft done!


More than that, actually. The cover is 90% done (only need to add the title and the crop it, depending on how thick the book will end up being.

Cooper keeps sketching away. He’s done 7 out of 20 drawings (life gets in the way, you see) and keeps working hard on the rest. The banners are 99% done, I think we only have to re-do the one for Chapter 3. It’s not perfect yet.

We still don’t have an estimate as to when exactly we’ll launch it. We even discussed trimming down the number of illustrations, but it would really be a shame as they can really make this book bigger and better than the first one.

Still going strong!

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4th Draft Completed – Editor Done

4th Draft

Finally, after several months, our Editor has completed his work. Now we’re making the final revisions and will go through the book 3 more times to make sure everything is how it should be.

We’re not expecting a release this year, but mostly likely in the first few months of 2016. Cooper is trying to outdo himself when it comes to the quality of his illustrations, while I (Chris) am jumping back and forth between the RPG game and the book.

Now that we have the 4th Draft done, I shall focus more on getting the best out of the manuscript, so we can get it as quickly as possible into your paws. 😀

Keep in touch!

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One Year of Trap Me!

Trap Me Furry Gay Book Adventure Paperback Order Aidan Zack Elkin Books

Today, the 7th of November, marks the day of our first launch of “Trap Me! – Finally a Happy Gay Furry Adventure”.

We’d love to thank all of you who followed our progress from the very beginning and rooted for us along the way! You guys and girls are wonderful and we’re more than happy to keep bringing you the adventures of Aidan and Zack.


I’ve never seen a book that looks quite like this. (…) 
If this is a volume 1, sign me up for the volume 2.
– Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer


The Second Book is in its final stages right now. The process is just slightly slowed down by the amount of work we still have to do – from the drawings that have greatly improved since Book 1 to the editing and careful word-placement that we’re going through in the final draft of the story.


The relic quest reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider was a great choice – a lost artifact, former priests, a destroyed city, a map that was locked away and kept secret.

The right number of adventurers comes together at the right time, yet through it all,
not everything is as it appears.”

-Alina Popescu, book reviewer and enthusiast


We have listened to your suggestions and your thoughts… and we improved the way we designed and wrote “Trap Me! 2”. The story flows better while the characters’ interactions are easier to follow. The drawings and illustrations take on a slightly different turn as the story grows a bit darker with each page.

…just… don’t read it at night, in the dark, with a flashlight. Just… don’t.


I was hesitant. I see a lot of amateur writings that,
while they have good intentions, the authors tend to need a lot of coaching.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with this story.



We still don’t have an official release date yet, sorry about that, but rest assured that we’re working on it day and night. For those who love percentages, let’s estimate that 90% of the book is actually done. These are all simply finishing touches that we are going through right now to make sure that you guys get the best out of your reading experience. 😀


The characters are likable, the world is beautiful,
and I love how much of a good sense of humor ‘Trap Me!’ has…
-Nathan Hopp


Therefore, in conclusion, thank you for spreading the word about our series. We’re not sure if Trap Me! 2 will be the last book or not, since Cooper and I are going through some difficult, financial-related, times – but rest assured that we’re aiming high, with a big smile on our muzzles.


“This amazing adventure based in a steampunky fantasy universe full of furs made me so emotional,
whether it be anger at something a character did, sadness at something a character said

or the endless stream of “awwwwwwwwwwwwwww”s at Aiden and Zack’s blossoming romance.”
-Lewis Thorpe


Here’s hoping for more! Biggest hugs to the best fanbase ever!

We love you guys,

Chris and Cooper

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Developfur Diary #03 – Trap Me – The Furry Video Game

Furry Game PC - RPG - Developfur Diary 3 - Trap Me - the Game - Chris and Cooper ELKIN

Just a tiny little update this time – We have been focused on wrapping up Trap Me 2, so the game didn’t get as much attention during these weeks. Real life also has a way of getting into things :))

Even so, we keep working on it, bit by bit. Currently we’re tackling some issues with V-Sync. Sure, we can make the game run in a 640×480 window, but wouldn’t that be a shame?

Cooper made it run flawlessly in Full Screen, no matter what type of monitor you have. The V-Sync issue appeared only recently and we think it may be due to some overlays that we added.

Right now we are plotting some interesting puzzles. It is far more difficult that one might expect, since we want them to be fun, not tedious, but also challenging.

Finished Room Designs            3
Object Interaction        72
Puzzles                   2 and a half

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Fred Patten likes our book! – Gave it 4 Stars

Trap Me - Finally a Happy Gay Furry Adventure Cover Illustration Aidan Zack  Elkin Chris Cooper

Fred Patten, a historian of science fiction, fantasy, anime, manga and furry creations, has reviewed “Trap Me! – Finally, a Happy Gay Furry Adventure” and wrote his opinion of it over to Dogpatch Press – Link Here.

He also was kind and left a 4 Star Review over on Amazon, right over here.

Why are we excited over this? Well, he’s just one of the most respected literary critics of our fandom! You can read more about him and his awesome work over on his wiki page here.

Thank you, Fred, for taking the time to read our book and being so nice to us – two silly, young writers who don’t know much about art and who just want to add something good to this world. It’s people like you and our brilliant fans who give us the strength to go forth in our creations.

*big furry hug* 😀

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Book sent to Editor! – Fourth Draft finished

Trap Me 2 Cover Teaser

Yesssss, we finished it. Well, at least the version that gets to be chopped and massacred by our editor.

While our nice Mr. Editor does his thing, Cooper will be working away at the cover and the illustrations.

We haven’t been able to work on our game too much lately as the book got the better of us. However, we can confirm that (at least in this Fourth Draft form) it will be longer than the first book. Not by a lot, but it will feature more content.

We’ll keep you posted! 😀 Thank you for supporting us!

In the meantime, let’s chat. What did you like about the first book’s cover? Do you have a favorite illustration? What about the chapter banners, did you like those? What were your favorite elements?

Write your answers in the comments below!

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