How much would you pay for a Happy Furry Gay Book? – POLL

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin BooksAhhh, just check out that awesome Concept Art right there. Mr. Cooper Elkin is getting better and better with each drawing. Of course, these are sketches, but look how nicely the characters take real shape as we write about them!

We had several discussion with awesome folks all over the world and we were curious regarding how much to ask for our book?

Of course, the numbers are not fixed and this poll is just helping us get a general image over that perfect balance. If you’re thinking of pages or words, we’ll probably close the story at around 160 pages or 50.000 words.

We have seen books being sold at $20 and also books being sold for as little as $3. It is a lot of work, we cannot offer it for free (unless you’d like to review it, of course :D) therefore we’re looking to see what’s the right price we would all be happy with!

Multiple choices available. Woo!

PLEASE NOTE: At the bottom you have two options in which you’d state your preference for either paperback or ebook versions. Even if you do not know (or do not want) to talk about a price, we ARE interested which version you’d prefer most! πŸ˜€ Thank you!


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2 thoughts on “How much would you pay for a Happy Furry Gay Book? – POLL

  1. I really want to support you guys.. though I can’t justify to much unless I know it’s am absolutly amazing book, with some high quality materials included/made of (like what the book is made of, or extra quality concept art).

    Though if it is honestly amazing I am more then willing to donate money after buying the book as well.

    • Yeah, that’s probably the best idea. We’re happy if people read it… the rest are details. πŸ™‚
      Of course, we’ll aim to get the price as low as possible so it reaches more people.

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