Writing funny

1kYour book is going swell. Look at all the nice comments and fans just waiting for you to finish it! What joy!


You sit at your desk (be it at home or during job-breaks) and you start writing again. Paragraph after paragraph, you develop your characters, you work on tiny details and large, atmospheric scenes… and then you skip to a halt. A joke.


Yes, you feel that a joke might work here. What should it be about? Well, there are so many choices, it’s really hard to decide. Slapstick? Nah. Insult-jokes? Too used.


You try and you delete and you try and delete. Finally, when you ultimately decide on a funny scene, a hilarious joke, a laughing-moment… you’ve read it so many times that you don’t find it funny anymore.


Is it funny? It doesn’t seem THAT funny. What if it’s lame?”


You lean on your chair and close your eyes, picturing the scene. Nope. Nothing. You then reach for the keyboard to delete it with a deep sigh… but you can’t bring yourself to do it.


What if it IS funny?”


But what if it isn’t?”


This is not the editor in your head, this is not the tiny voice that corrects your mistakes at the second or fifth draft – no, this is you. It’s your humor, it’s your way of seeing a funny scene and you just can’t see it 10 minutes after you wrote it.


You get up, think of leaving it alone for a while. You’ll delete it tomorrow if you don’t even snicker at it.


Tomorrow comes, you re-read it. You don’t laugh, but you crack a smile. Then you sigh.


Fine, I’ll leave it in. It’s just a joke anyway, probably will go unnoticed.”




Your Reader: “Hahaha! Man, the author is awesome!”


And they will never know how much we toss and turn over such tiny details. 🙂


Therefore, our tips for you when writing funny:

  • Deleting is okay
  • Replacing with “a better idea” is fine
  • Your sense of humor is a good basis. It really is.
  • Trust letting it go (after the final draft, of course)

Hope it helps! 😀


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