Would you like an audio-book version too? – POLL

Yes, you read that right!

Chris and Cooper have talked and talked and decided to ask you again! After all, you are the fans. They are just the writers.

Would you like to own the book in audio form as well?

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books 6

What does this mean? – you ask. Well, it means that Chris and Cooper will use professional equipment to record the book for you with a full cast of characters.

Chris is also a musician so expect an awesome soundtrack as well as epic sound effects.

Cooper, on the other paw, will draw cute illustrations to offer you an even better representation of the story.

Vote below – remember, you can choose more than one option! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Would you like an audio-book version too? – POLL

  1. Abigail messer

    Im one to love full cast for the books I like to hear. But to be truthful just having a number of books in audio would be awesome. I havw talked to a few authors about getting audio ver going but it never happens

    • This one will happen. We have projects (that were successfully completed) behind us so we know how to handle it. The question is: if YOU awesome people want this. :3

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