Updates on the Book!

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books8Hello friends,


We’re here to bring you up to date with our progress!

We’ve gone through a LOT of complicated issues, more or less, all while trying to find the best way to bring our finished book into your eager paws.


It might be a long post therefore, for the tl;dr version, just skip to the bottom of it.


Click on “Continue reading” to continue reading. 🙂

What’s taking so long?!


Glad you asked!

We are confirming it again, we have finished the book.

The reason for which this is taking so long is mainly due (and thanks to) our beta-readers. They are carefully going through it, making sure to write down each and every tiny little mistake that Cooper and I might have missed.

These are both trained and untrained furs, furs who enjoy reading and who don’t enjoy reading, who like and who don’t like furry fiction — all kinds of readers so that we can receive feedback on multiple levels.

Our last beta-reader has completed around 79% of the book. We don’t have an estimate yet but it most likely will be finished in less than two weeks.


What did you do all this time?


Ah, another interesting question!

You see, while we waited for the feedback, we did not sit idly.

We looked around for the best sites that can help us bring the book to you. We finally decided upon CreateSpace and Smashwords. We like them.

While I was looking for sites, Cooper was fully concentrating on the cover of our book. We had various designs and ideas to start with and, after several weeks of debates, trial and error, we have the final design planned out.

Cooper is working on it as we speak — er — type. So far he’s done 65% of the Front Cover.

The back cover needs a blurb (the words that go on the back of any book).


Oh wow! Can I see it?



You wouldn’t eat a half-cooked meal, would you? 😀

In order for this book to be fully enjoyable, we kind of have to keep everything hush-hush for now.

Especially since the whole project is at 90%.


When will we expect to see it launched?


When it is ready and not a moment too soon. 😉

We ran into some issues with the sites mentioned above. You see, we want this to be okay on all levels, including legal-stuff. We talked with our local IRS regarding taxes and if we are allowed to sell this internationally. They were not very helpful as our country, in Europe, is kind of dumb when it comes to international laws.

We then turned to Smashwords and CreateSpace which, unfortunately, were not very clear regarding international tax laws. In lesser words, we spent about two weeks trying to solve an issue regarding a TIN/ ITIN code (Individual Tax Identification Number) which, ultimately, was not obligatory for us to sell the book.

Most of our sources implied that we have to get one of those international codes in order to sell but, as we figured out in the end, it is optional.

We have opted to pay 30% to the IRS (American Tax Administration-thingie) our of our revenue so everything will be nice and legal.

Now that we got the difficult stuff out of the way, we can focus exclusively on launching the book.


Have you decided on a price yet?


Yes, sort of.

You see, we are trying our best to bring down the price so that more furries can enjoy our book. In the meantime, you do realize that we have to get something out of it as well. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of time invested into this and a lot of love put into it. 🙂

We’re doing our best to make it financially accessible for you all. Remember, these sites might ask for 25% of the sales as well.


I’ve got more questions!


Write them in the comments below and we’ll answer them.


Now for the TL;DR section:

– Book is done

– Had distribution issues, solved them

– Going with Smashwords and CreateSpace for publication

– Cover is almost done.


Thank you for your support! Keep your paws crossed for us!

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