Book Checklist!

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Dearest furry fuzzy friends,

Chris: We’ve been quiet lately, due to …umm…

Cooper: Our internet was on fire! *grins*

Chris: Nooo… We’re just wrapping things up here and we know it is taking a lot.

Cooper: My idea was better.

Chris: They don’t wanna read about that, shush!

Cooper: Yeah they do! They wanna know what’s taking so LONG …we need a good reason.

Chris: We HAVE a good reason. We want it to be good!

Cooper: Friends, here’s a quick checklist to see where we’re at right now. Almost there!

Write Book                                                     CheckFull

Edit Written Book (1st Draft)              CheckFull

2nd Draft                                                        CheckFull

3rd Draft Sent to Editors                       CheckFull

Editors Finished Editing                       CheckEmpty

Front Cover Finished                              CheckFull

Back Cover Finished                               CheckEmpty

Interior Images Finished                     CheckEmpty

Last Draft Check-Up and Publish  CheckEmpty


P.S. Our wonderful LAST EDITOR has confirmed that he’s in the last stages of editing and will send the manuscript back by the end of next week! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Book Checklist!

  1. Sounds as though you’re enjoying yourselves!

  2. I liked the internet being on fire reason better. If I may,I was wondering if I would be permitted to horrow that excuse and tell it to my teacher on tuesday as a reason why i didn’t log into my homeschooling courses? I promise to post their rrsponses here if it means I can borrow that excuse.

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