8 More Illustrations to Go

Book Tribute - Elkin Books - From a Fan - LGBT


The written part of “Trap Me!” is done. Yep, done. Completely. To the last little dot.

If you are curious:

  • it went through roughly 7 drafts and a half before finishing the final version of the manuscript
  • we just realized that we forgot to add a little thing in a paragraph — so we just did. Really. Two minutes ago.
  • the book had been read by someone who is neither gay nor a furry and he loved it. That’s a good sign. 🙂

Moving on to the CHECKLIST!


Write Book                                                     CheckFull


Edit Written Book (1st Draft)              CheckFull


2nd Draft                                                        CheckFull


3rd Draft Sent to Editors                       CheckFull


Editors Finished Editing                      CheckFull


Front Cover Finished                              CheckFull


Back Cover Finished                               CheckEmpty


Interior Images Finished                     CheckEmpty


Last Draft Check-Up and Publish  CheckEmpty


Yup, that’s pretty much it. Cooper is working day and night on the interior illustrations and the back cover so we can finally send this story out into the world.

We’re preparing a little “About Authors” section of our book. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know? Leave a comment, please. 😀

P.S. Thank you to one of our Google+ fans, Alva Swift, for writing our name in the sand, on an awesome beach somewhere. We love you too!


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4 thoughts on “8 More Illustrations to Go

  1. Not to push or rush or anything… But….. It HAS been 44 days since the last update?

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