Developfur Diary #01 – Trap Me – The Video Game

Trap Me Game RPG Furry Adventure ELKIN

Here it is, friends! Our first DevFur Diary!

The game is still in its very early stages, so we don’t know what to expect. What YOU can expect is a really fun time playing the upcoming game.

As you may already know, the story takes place between Trap Me 1 and Trap Me 2 (the books). The game will follow Aidan and Zack–both as playable characters–as they solve some kind of mystery. It is so mysterious that not even we know what it is yet.

Cooper spent quite some time figuring out how to make the game fit any resolution you awesome furries might have on your monitors. It does work with 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions. (Look at us, going all technical, haha! I love it!)

In the meantime, I (Chris) spent time figuring out how to make Aidan look more “interactive”. Right now he has a nice kneeling sprite. That way, the player will know exactly what Aidan is looking at, apart from the dialogue line that pops up.

Moreover, we worked on letting the player switch the characters around whenever they want to, as it will be necessary for them to solve certain puzzles.

Every Developfur Diary will end with some statistics for you to enjoy. Not a lot to show right now, but things will grow in time. So here they are!

Room Designs            2
Object Interaction        31
Puzzles                   1

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4 thoughts on “Developfur Diary #01 – Trap Me – The Video Game

  1. [Jonas]

    Are you going to make any diary updates :3

    • Yes, yes! We’re working on the book as well, trying to balance everything. :3 We might add something by the end of the week.

      • [Jonas]

        Few more things to ask:
        1. Where do I see updates when they do come (example: “Developfur Diary #2”) Is there link or ?
        2. The game is a horror game? Right? If so: most horror games do have some sort of a entity behind all the evil stuff what happens etc. So if you are going to make a evil entity, you should make it “immortal” because enemy what cannot be defeated gives more scaryness to the game. (not all enemies need to be like that but the main enemy at least) (examples: Amnesia, Penumbra, both are extremely scary)
        3. If you are streaming (I have read that you have done streaming) do you tell about them in twitter ? (if so I will follow you there) :3

        (Ask if you didn’t understand something. Because I know how interesting my english skills are :3) (I have read this through 10 times, but I still think I left some grammar mistakes etc. xD)

      • 1. You can see the quickest updates right here, on our blog. 🙂

        2. Yes, it is a horror game. We have play an asorted array of psychological horror games, from the Silent Hill series to the indie and lesser-known experimental horrors. We will make sure the game will look and feel as it should.

        3. Our twitter is @ElkinBooks, feel free to follow us! We will surely talk about it if we are invited to other podcasts as well.

        Your English is fine, haha! 😀 Thank you for the questions. Keep in touch!

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