Second Draft is 90% Finished!

Trap Me 2 - Chris and Cooper Elkin

Awesome update over here! We are swiftly approaching the 69.020 words threshold. What does this mean?

Well, as you may recall, the first book has 69.020 words and we think that the sequel will be a bit longer than that. We are now on Chapter 15 (yes, 15, that is not a typo) and we are closing in on the book’s finale.

Now don’t jump all over the room, this is far from ready to publish, haha! As before, we have prepared a little list for you, to help you guys follow our progress more clearly.

True, while the most difficult (and longest) part of the process resides in the first 1/3 of the list, we can assure you that this time around things are moving much faster since we actually know what we are doing.


Furthermore, we have read and listened to your feedback, your reviews, taking great care of the sequel and making it better than the first book. We don’t have a subtitle for it yet, but the cover mock-ups were made and everyfurry who saw them said that the idea looks absolutely awesome. Sooo, we cannot tell you more, but expect it to look really cool! 😀

Right now we’ll take a break this weekend. I mean, really, Second Draft? That’s a lot of work right there! We’ll be back on track on Tuesday, working our butts off to make this adventure worthy of every second of your time.

We are not confirming anything but we think that the chapter count may double compared to Trap Me 1, but the length of the chapters will be a bit shorter. Trust us, it looks nicer that way and the style fits the story perfectly.

In other news, we have made some progress with the game and we will post about it soon enough. 🙂

Thank you for keeping up with us! Onwards!

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