Developfur Diary #03 – Trap Me – The Furry Video Game

Furry Game PC - RPG - Developfur Diary 3 - Trap Me - the Game - Chris and Cooper ELKIN

Just a tiny little update this time – We have been focused on wrapping up Trap Me 2, so the game didn’t get as much attention during these weeks. Real life also has a way of getting into things :))

Even so, we keep working on it, bit by bit. Currently we’re tackling some issues with V-Sync. Sure, we can make the game run in a 640×480 window, but wouldn’t that be a shame?

Cooper made it run flawlessly in Full Screen, no matter what type of monitor you have. The V-Sync issue appeared only recently and we think it may be due to some overlays that we added.

Right now we are plotting some interesting puzzles. It is far more difficult that one might expect, since we want them to be fun, not tedious, but also challenging.

Finished Room Designs            3
Object Interaction        72
Puzzles                   2 and a half

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5 thoughts on “Developfur Diary #03 – Trap Me – The Furry Video Game

  1. The same old Jonas

    Sounds cool :3 Well you can be proud of your speed at the game making because i know few games which took 5-6 years to complete eventough there were professionals at working.

    • Thanks! :))) We might focus more on it during the holiday season. So far, it’s actually going swell.

      • The same old Jonas

        Hey, btw you were once streaming so are you guys planning to do it again because last time I wasn’t able to see it (time zones) :/ So next time I will preserve time for it :3

      • We don’t have much to talk about right now. We might do another streaming session after Trap Me 2 launches, which won’t be in December. We’ll let you know if we ever do another streaming session, just follow us on twitter. :3

      • The same old Jonas

        Okay, thank you :3

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