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PROMO 2 - Trap Me by Chris and Cooper ELKIN - Furry Gay Book

Paperback version

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Rabbit Valley
Second Ed

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Trap Me Cover - Blog - ChrisCooper Elkin - Furry Gay Fiction Novel Book

Book Blurb:

“Oh wow! You’re looking at our book!
Yes, let’s see…

Unconventional music composer Aidan Prowl, a canine in his right mind (sometimes), wants to go in search of an ancient musical instrument. Yes, all well and good, but the journey is dangerous and he knows that he shouldn’t go alone.

When opportunity strikes, quite literally—through his window—he gleefully blackmails Zack, a down-to-earth feline, into going with him. Aidan and Zack may end up finding more than they were looking for, and not only in the romantic sense—if they can both stay alive long enough—trapped in this thrilling treasure hunt filled with bandits, puzzles, suspenseful chases and so much more.

Keep your paws crossed and hold on tight as this book will take you through the most incredible furry adventure you will ever read, with colorful characters and, yes, steampunk nuances.”

– Chris and Cooper

The book includes:

  •  Over 30 beautiful pieces of paw-drawn artwork and illustrations
  •  A complete “Making Of” section that shows how the characters and the world came to be
  •  Text! (no, really, we checked) 
  •  A little surprise on the final page (Don’t peek!)

Dear friends, we hope you will enjoy it!

Please, if you have time, leave a review for us on Amazon or Smashwords. It will help us get more furries to see it! 😀


23 thoughts on “Click HERE to buy!

  1. Hey, this is really interesting, I’m eager to see what comes of “Trap Me”

  2. wraith138

    I am interested, but any idea on the dimensions and page size of the book? That would greatly influence how much I’d want to pay for the book.

    • wraith138

      Disregard that page size. Still would like the dimensions, however, as I don’t want a paperback if it’s as big as a Hayne’s manual.

      • Good question. We didn’t really think of that before you asked, so …thank you! 😀

        After a little bit of research, we noticed that some people prefer 9″ x 6″ books while others suggest smaller versions, respectively 5″ x 8″.

        What is your opinion on that?
        Maybe we should make next week’s poll about it.

  3. wraith138

    Smaller sizes are usually better, but you probably don’t want to shrink the print as well, or it will be too hard to read.

  4. wraith138

    Cool, Cool.

  5. Well, it says to leave a Pawprint so I will do so! *Prints paw on the page* There, done!

  6. I just bought the book on Kobo. I have a Kobo Arc, so the pictures will be in colour! I’m thinking of ordering it for a friend in the print edition, but I wanted to preview it myself. I will leave a review on Kobo or anywhere else you like when I have had a chance to look at it. Just let me know where to post my review if you like it! Image (if you want to allow when you moderate this commetn):

    • Hello!

      Thank you very much. :3 Aside from the Front and Back cover, the other illustrations are made in pencil, which means they are, basically, black and white. 🙂
      Regarding the review, we would be very happy if you could please post it on Amazon. It seems to be most helpful for us there.

      Hope you and your friend enjoy it! 😀

      • Thank you. I did notice that the illustrations were in ’50 shades of grey’ . That’s okay, though, they are still pretty amazing. I just had a chance to have a glance through the book, but I will post a review as soon as I’ve read it. (So far I like it!)

  7. European Furry

    Can People from Europe buy the book?.

    I would love to read it ;-;

    • By all means! You can use UK Amazon, or even CreateSpace (shipping is very low cost and very fast). Just click on the links above. We recommend CreateSpace as it takes only a few days for the book to arrive.

  8. parabellum1994

    IT’S A TRAAAAAP (me).

  9. parabellum1994

    Managed to locate a testimonial for you!

    “IT’S A TRAAAAAP (me)!!!”

    – Adm. G. Ackbar, ARR Navy, 1st fleet (Ret.)

    In all seriousness, this looks interesting!

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