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One Year of Trap Me!

Trap Me Furry Gay Book Adventure Paperback Order Aidan Zack Elkin Books

Today, the 7th of November, marks the day of our first launch of “Trap Me! – Finally a Happy Gay Furry Adventure”.

We’d love to thank all of you who followed our progress from the very beginning and rooted for us along the way! You guys and girls are wonderful and we’re more than happy to keep bringing you the adventures of Aidan and Zack.


I’ve never seen a book that looks quite like this. (…) 
If this is a volume 1, sign me up for the volume 2.
– Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer


The Second Book is in its final stages right now. The process is just slightly slowed down by the amount of work we still have to do – from the drawings that have greatly improved since Book 1 to the editing and careful word-placement that we’re going through in the final draft of the story.


The relic quest reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider was a great choice – a lost artifact, former priests, a destroyed city, a map that was locked away and kept secret.

The right number of adventurers comes together at the right time, yet through it all,
not everything is as it appears.”

-Alina Popescu, book reviewer and enthusiast


We have listened to your suggestions and your thoughts… and we improved the way we designed and wrote “Trap Me! 2”. The story flows better while the characters’ interactions are easier to follow. The drawings and illustrations take on a slightly different turn as the story grows a bit darker with each page.

…just… don’t read it at night, in the dark, with a flashlight. Just… don’t.


I was hesitant. I see a lot of amateur writings that,
while they have good intentions, the authors tend to need a lot of coaching.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with this story.



We still don’t have an official release date yet, sorry about that, but rest assured that we’re working on it day and night. For those who love percentages, let’s estimate that 90% of the book is actually done. These are all simply finishing touches that we are going through right now to make sure that you guys get the best out of your reading experience. 😀


The characters are likable, the world is beautiful,
and I love how much of a good sense of humor ‘Trap Me!’ has…
-Nathan Hopp


Therefore, in conclusion, thank you for spreading the word about our series. We’re not sure if Trap Me! 2 will be the last book or not, since Cooper and I are going through some difficult, financial-related, times – but rest assured that we’re aiming high, with a big smile on our muzzles.


“This amazing adventure based in a steampunky fantasy universe full of furs made me so emotional,
whether it be anger at something a character did, sadness at something a character said

or the endless stream of “awwwwwwwwwwwwwww”s at Aiden and Zack’s blossoming romance.”
-Lewis Thorpe


Here’s hoping for more! Biggest hugs to the best fanbase ever!

We love you guys,

Chris and Cooper

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Wow! The 9th chapter is complete! + Small Updates


Cooper: Updates, updates! Good news all over! We just finished putting together Chapter 9, and can’t wait to move on to the next one!

By now we basically have the story outlined and we know exactly what should happen (and how) during the next chapters.

We’ve been building up on the evolution of our main characters, Aidan and Zack, and we can’t wait to show you! We love to see them in this dynamic, and so far they fit perfectly in our vision!

Now remember, this is just the first draft so far, the rawest it could be. Crooked handwriting, stroked text, ink stains and all that! We’re going to get through and edit and re-edit the whole document several times, until we have it complete, in the final format. (Just kidding about the ink stains, we actually use a pencil)

As for the book’s cover, I’m still working on it, still drawing, bit by bit. (I once tried drawing byte by byte instead, but I got an ‘unhandled exception’ — heh, computer jokes ^^ ). I just finished outlining one of the– *clears throat* main elements… which I can’t tell yet (otherwise Chris would -as he’d say- break my paws and then chase me all over the house). We’re debating if we should have a cover reveal before the actual launch of the book. But we’ll get back to you on that.

Also, keep your whiskers up and your ears perked for an upcoming Developfur Diary as we continue to work on our game.

Share your thoughts and leave a pawprint in the comments section below this post! :3

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Chapter 5 Finished – Things are going well

Trap Me 2 Chapter 5

We are writing and rewriting like crazy over here, implementing ideas and images that have buzzed around our heads ever since we finished Trap Me 1.

Is there anything in particular you’d love to see in the sequel? 😀 Write in the comments below!

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Trap Me 2 – Chapter 4 has been written!

Trap Me 2 Chapter 4

Just a quick update, we have finished Chapter 4.

Now we’re right in the middle of Chapter 5 and we kind of assume we might reach 20 Chapters at the end of this project.

Stay tuned for more updates about the book and the game!

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Writing the Epilogue

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books7Yes!

After 3 long months and 3 long drafts, we have reached The Epilogue! Woo!

The book is being prepared to be sent to our beta-readers. We have talked to many who wished to beta-read it (which implies editing, grammar correction, storyline check, overall positive and negative feedback). If any of you, with whom we have already talked, still want to do this — message us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Cooper is sketching the book cover as we speak and also preparing the illustrations that will come with both the physical and digital copy of the book.

We are also preparing to record the audiobook version but that might take quite a long time, so our main focus is getting the physical and digital version published first. 🙂 We’ll keep you posted, of course.

Once we get the document back from our betas, we’ll look over it one final time and then publish it!

Thank you all for your support! Keep in paw-touch!

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One More Chapter to Go!

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books6Hello! Yes, yes, yes! We’re back. Worked very, very hard but we’re back!


Yes, we are almost done, including that extra chapter we talked about. Here comes the most interesting part in a novel – tying everything together.


Why interesting? Well, this is the part where worries become very intense.


“Is it really that good?” , “What if this is all silly?” , “Perhaps I should just rewrite the past 5 chapters.”


This is not the first time we are dealing with this, even if it is our first official book that is actually being published (omg!). If you are a writer (or just curious), here are a few tips on how to get over it already! Click “Continue Reading”!

Continue reading

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How much would you pay for a Happy Furry Gay Book? – POLL

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin BooksAhhh, just check out that awesome Concept Art right there. Mr. Cooper Elkin is getting better and better with each drawing. Of course, these are sketches, but look how nicely the characters take real shape as we write about them!

We had several discussion with awesome folks all over the world and we were curious regarding how much to ask for our book?

Of course, the numbers are not fixed and this poll is just helping us get a general image over that perfect balance. If you’re thinking of pages or words, we’ll probably close the story at around 160 pages or 50.000 words.

We have seen books being sold at $20 and also books being sold for as little as $3. It is a lot of work, we cannot offer it for free (unless you’d like to review it, of course :D) therefore we’re looking to see what’s the right price we would all be happy with!

Multiple choices available. Woo!

PLEASE NOTE: At the bottom you have two options in which you’d state your preference for either paperback or ebook versions. Even if you do not know (or do not want) to talk about a price, we ARE interested which version you’d prefer most! 😀 Thank you!


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We Need Diverse Books! – Indeed!

1fCooper and I recently discovered We Need Diverse Books, which is a campaign that has the purpose of bringing forth books with intriguing protagonists that may be of a different skin color, part of LGBTQ and/or disabled. As it happens, our book might be doing exactly what the nice folks at are doing. At least, that was one of the thoughts we had when we started writing it.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to this motion, this trend. May it do well and expand our literary universe!

They even have one of those Twitter hashtag thingies (#weneeddiversebooks) so you might wanna check that out too. Also, if you’re not following us on Twitter yet, here’s your chance: CLICKY! 😀

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