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Developfur Diary #01 – Trap Me – The Video Game

Trap Me Game RPG Furry Adventure ELKIN

Here it is, friends! Our first DevFur Diary!

The game is still in its very early stages, so we don’t know what to expect. What YOU can expect is a really fun time playing the upcoming game.

As you may already know, the story takes place between Trap Me 1 and Trap Me 2 (the books). The game will follow Aidan and Zack–both as playable characters–as they solve some kind of mystery. It is so mysterious that not even we know what it is yet.

Cooper spent quite some time figuring out how to make the game fit any resolution you awesome furries might have on your monitors. It does work with 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions. (Look at us, going all technical, haha! I love it!)

In the meantime, I (Chris) spent time figuring out how to make Aidan look more “interactive”. Right now he has a nice kneeling sprite. That way, the player will know exactly what Aidan is looking at, apart from the dialogue line that pops up.

Moreover, we worked on letting the player switch the characters around whenever they want to, as it will be necessary for them to solve certain puzzles.

Every Developfur Diary will end with some statistics for you to enjoy. Not a lot to show right now, but things will grow in time. So here they are!

Room Designs            2
Object Interaction        31
Puzzles                   1

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First reviews are coming in!

Amazon and Smashwords Reviews for a Happy Gay Furry Adventure - Trap Me by Chris and Cooper ELKIN - Furry Gay Book


It’s been a while since the book was launched, and we have two reviews so far.

Mr. Derwinworf gave it a 4 out of 5 stars on Smashwords, calling it:

“A very good novel.”

Mr. Nathan Hopp, over at Amazon, gave it a smashing 5 out of 5 stars, saying:

“In fact it took me less than a day to read this book, so it tells you all about how good this is. (…) The characters are likable, the world is beautiful, and I love how much of a good sense of humor ‘Trap Me!’ has without saying anything too dirty.”

If you read “Trap Me!” and you’d like to share a small or big review with us, please do so by posting it on either the Amazon page or the Smashwords page, as this would help us more. 😀 (Hint: You only need to login to write a review)

Thank you and keep them coming!

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3 Days left!


Today’s achievements:

Cooper – Finished another illustration. Four more to go.

Chris – Rewrote the book blurb (back cover text) to fit with the choices you made through our POLL. (Took about 5 hours to make it perfect).

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Would you like an audio-book version too? – POLL

Yes, you read that right!

Chris and Cooper have talked and talked and decided to ask you again! After all, you are the fans. They are just the writers.

Would you like to own the book in audio form as well?

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books 6

What does this mean? – you ask. Well, it means that Chris and Cooper will use professional equipment to record the book for you with a full cast of characters.

Chris is also a musician so expect an awesome soundtrack as well as epic sound effects.

Cooper, on the other paw, will draw cute illustrations to offer you an even better representation of the story.

Vote below – remember, you can choose more than one option! 😀

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We Need Diverse Books! – Indeed!

1fCooper and I recently discovered We Need Diverse Books, which is a campaign that has the purpose of bringing forth books with intriguing protagonists that may be of a different skin color, part of LGBTQ and/or disabled. As it happens, our book might be doing exactly what the nice folks at are doing. At least, that was one of the thoughts we had when we started writing it.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to this motion, this trend. May it do well and expand our literary universe!

They even have one of those Twitter hashtag thingies (#weneeddiversebooks) so you might wanna check that out too. Also, if you’re not following us on Twitter yet, here’s your chance: CLICKY! 😀

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Snippet for Awesome Fans!


Writing a lot on Chapter 4 right now, about to close it, when we thought you awesome fans might like a little snippet. A quote. An extract.

Sooo, here it is. 😀


       “Give me the grappling hook,” the canine whispered.
        “I thought you had it!” Zack replied, clenching his teeth.Concept Art - Trap Me - Chris and Cooper ELKIN - Gay Furry Book
        “I do have it, just messing with ya.”
        “Aidan, that’s not funny! You told me to trust you and yet here we are!”
        “And you said you will trust me all the way. Now shush and help me get this thing on the roof!”
        Their second attempt was successful as the grappling hook clinked while latching itself to the roof’s inner edge. Aidan pulled once or twice to make sure it would hold him and up he went. Step by step, he climbed the wall adjacent to a set of windows: a large one at the bottom and a smaller one at the top.
        Zack started to look worried as he spotted an AG patrolling the streets much too close for their comfort. He turned to Aidan who was already looking at his scared assistant while hanging from the rope. Lucky for them, a passing vehicle attracted the AGs attention. The motor sound was just loud enough for Aidan to seize the chance and kick the small stained-glass window. CRACK! The feline cringed but nofur heard anything.
        Good shoes, worth every coin, Aidan thought and with a little effort, maybe a bit more than he expected, the canine climbed through the window, pulling the rope after him.
        His feet hit the floor with an echoing THUMP! as glass crackled under his weight. He took a few steps only to remember that he forgot something.
        “Ah, horsetails!” he grumbled as he rushed towards the large window and opened it. Before he could call for him, Zack was already rushing inside like a startled kitten.
        “What took you so long?!” the feline questioned him with a scared expression on his face and fur all bristly. “I got scared half to death. Twice!”
“Then praise the heavens and hold the lantern. We’ve got work to do.”

© <<Trap Me!>> by Chris and Cooper ELKIN


Oh, also… for those who didn’t notice yet, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! 😉

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