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Major / Minor – Furry Game Review

Major Minor Review Furry Game

While investigating the market for furry games, as we are working on a little game ourselves, Cooper and I stumbled upon “Major/Minor” – a furry novel game. What made us do a double-take on it was the fact that it had been launched on Steam. Quite impressive to begin with as we all know the general view of society when it comes to furry products.

Let’s jump right in! – (click on “Continue reading”)

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Developfur Diary #02 – Trap Me – The Furry Video Game

Furry Game PC - RPG - Developfur Diary 2 - Trap Me - the Game - Chris and Cooper ELKIN

Welcome to our second DevelopFUR Diary! 😀 How is everyfurry? Doing good?

Please allow us to quickly report our newest progress!

First of all, there was a bit of concern regarding the enemies of the game. While this will be, indeed, a horror-inspired furry tale, we might not go with the classic approach when it comes to monsters / zombies. We don’t want to turn it into a 60+ hours title just because we’ve added 500 enemies for you to kill and/or sneak by.

If you want an actual comparison, think of it as something along the lines of “To The Moon”.

The Story of the game is still being shaped. We mainly focused on finishing up “Trap Me 2” and we don’t want the game to be just a mere prequel to that. We want it to have its own story, to present to you a different way of exploring the world that you read about.

Cooper is still working his paws through sketches and concept art, for both the book and the game. Instead of having simple, tiny portraits of the characters (when they have dialogue lines, for example), Cooper is aiming to depict Aidan and Zack in fully-detailed, completely-colored, traditional art images.

This style fits well with the general look of the game and it will tie-in with the atmosphere presented in the books’ illustrations.

In the meantime, Chris made sure that Zack got four new awesome animations. Aidan got only one new animation, but it looks great! Even if we’re talking about two-frames or just one image, it’s the little details like that which turn a simple game into a very pleasant experience. Not to mention this helps with your (the player’s) immersion. 😉

The inventory system is still being worked on. Cooper managed to create a shared inventory for the characters, so it doesn’t become a tedious task to figure out which character has which item, bla bla, drowning out the story or the fun stuff. Still, it might lead to guiding the player into making only ONE of the two characters use a specific item. (i.e. only Aidan could use a grappling hook while Zack is the only one who can use a scarf)

Chris figured out how to fix a nasty bug that basically forced the player to quit the game (Yikes!). It took a few good hours, but the results were worth it. The issue was related to the fact that you could get stuck in an endless cutscene, in any cutscene. Initially, it could happen at about 75% of walkthroughs. Now, the risk was reduced to a mere 1%, which means that if you try really, really hard, you CAN break the game — however, it is highly unlikely.

Now let’s finish off with some stats! Thanks for following us! 😀

Room Designs            3
Object Interaction        65
Puzzles                   2

 P.S. We’ve added a special category for these posts now, so you can click on that (below) and it will show you all the DevelopFUR Diaries in order. ^^

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Developfur Diary #01 – Trap Me – The Video Game

Trap Me Game RPG Furry Adventure ELKIN

Here it is, friends! Our first DevFur Diary!

The game is still in its very early stages, so we don’t know what to expect. What YOU can expect is a really fun time playing the upcoming game.

As you may already know, the story takes place between Trap Me 1 and Trap Me 2 (the books). The game will follow Aidan and Zack–both as playable characters–as they solve some kind of mystery. It is so mysterious that not even we know what it is yet.

Cooper spent quite some time figuring out how to make the game fit any resolution you awesome furries might have on your monitors. It does work with 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions. (Look at us, going all technical, haha! I love it!)

In the meantime, I (Chris) spent time figuring out how to make Aidan look more “interactive”. Right now he has a nice kneeling sprite. That way, the player will know exactly what Aidan is looking at, apart from the dialogue line that pops up.

Moreover, we worked on letting the player switch the characters around whenever they want to, as it will be necessary for them to solve certain puzzles.

Every Developfur Diary will end with some statistics for you to enjoy. Not a lot to show right now, but things will grow in time. So here they are!

Room Designs            2
Object Interaction        31
Puzzles                   1

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Trap Me! – the Video Game – In Production

Trap Me - Video Game - Chris and Cooper ELKIN - Elkin Books

We are happy to announce that we are in full production of our game: “Trap Me!”

The game will feature RPG elements, but its main focus will be exploration and mystery solving. The adventure will continue the events from the first “Trap Me!” book and lead on into the second book.

So far, the first rooms have been created and we just implemented the first puzzle. Follow our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+ page to get the latest news on the game (and book) development! 😀

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Winner of Watch Dogs PS3 Giveaway!

We have recorded us drawing the winner for our Watch Dogs PS3 giveaway!

We have gathered all the participants from all the social networks that fulfilled all the requirements for this giveaway.
Then we randomized the list using list randomizer. Afterwards we generated a random number which picked the winner.

You can see the video below. We will contact the winner via private message. Congratulations!

Thank you to all of you awesome people who participated and keep in touch! We might have another one of these pretty soon. 😀

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Watch Dogs on PS3 Giveaway!

We are so happy to have such an awesome fanbase that we thought we should do something nice for you all!

Yes, we know that not all of you are gamers and that not all of you might own a PS3, but we had to start from somewhere, right? 😀

Here it is:

Watch Dogs on PS3 Giveaway

Watchdogs Giveaway PS3


NOTE: It’s the PAL version, but it should work on any PS3. Make sure you check first ^^

How can you get a chance to win it? Simple.

You have to have an account on at least one of these platforms:

  • WordPress – Click here for the Post that you can like / follow from
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Once you have that, just like / follow us AND share / reblog / retweet this post from at least one of the links above. It’s as simple as that.


What happens after I like and share?


Glad you asked!

After you like and share, we will get notified. It’s automatic, nothing too complicated.

If you have accounts on more than one platform, that will increase your chances of winning if you share it on all platforms.


How much time do I have?


Giveaway ends on 10th of June 2014.

After it ends, we will randomly select a name, using the site. We will record the selection and post it on our blog for you to see. The winner will be contacted privately. If the winner will not reply within 3 days, another winner will be selected.

If you already are following our blog, you just have to like AND share or reblog or Press This or retweet  this post.

Good luck to all involved and thank you for helping us promote our book!

P.S. Yes, if you win and don’t have a use for the game, you can sell it, we don’t mind. :3

P.P.S. DO NOT share using the buttons below directly, unless you do it with WordPress and LIKE the post. For Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you have the links above otherwise we cannot count the shares / likes! 😀 Thank you!


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