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Two more chapters to go!

Chapter 18

Indeed, it is official! We are working on the FINAL two chapters of Trap Me 2!

Time to wrap things up, see who we bury and who lives (oops? Spoilers?) and making things awesome 😀

Thanks for staying with us all this time. Let’s bring it home, friends!

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2 More Days!


Today’s achievements:

Cooper – Rechecked some details on yesterday’s illustration. All good now. Started another one. Three more to go.

Chris – Tackling one last illustration. It’s a difficult one.

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How to Make Characters Characters

Indeed. How can you make characters be characters? How can you make them interesting? Fun? Exciting to watch/read?

Chris and Cooper ELKIN are here to tell you how they do it.

Right after the jump! Click Continue Reading! —> Continue reading

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Writing funny

1kYour book is going swell. Look at all the nice comments and fans just waiting for you to finish it! What joy!


You sit at your desk (be it at home or during job-breaks) and you start writing again. Paragraph after paragraph, you develop your characters, you work on tiny details and large, atmospheric scenes… and then you skip to a halt. A joke.


Yes, you feel that a joke might work here. What should it be about? Well, there are so many choices, it’s really hard to decide. Slapstick? Nah. Insult-jokes? Too used.


You try and you delete and you try and delete. Finally, when you ultimately decide on a funny scene, a hilarious joke, a laughing-moment… you’ve read it so many times that you don’t find it funny anymore.


Is it funny? It doesn’t seem THAT funny. What if it’s lame?”


You lean on your chair and close your eyes, picturing the scene. Nope. Nothing. You then reach for the keyboard to delete it with a deep sigh… but you can’t bring yourself to do it.


What if it IS funny?”


But what if it isn’t?”


This is not the editor in your head, this is not the tiny voice that corrects your mistakes at the second or fifth draft – no, this is you. It’s your humor, it’s your way of seeing a funny scene and you just can’t see it 10 minutes after you wrote it.


You get up, think of leaving it alone for a while. You’ll delete it tomorrow if you don’t even snicker at it.


Tomorrow comes, you re-read it. You don’t laugh, but you crack a smile. Then you sigh.


Fine, I’ll leave it in. It’s just a joke anyway, probably will go unnoticed.”




Your Reader: “Hahaha! Man, the author is awesome!”


And they will never know how much we toss and turn over such tiny details. 🙂


Therefore, our tips for you when writing funny:

  • Deleting is okay
  • Replacing with “a better idea” is fine
  • Your sense of humor is a good basis. It really is.
  • Trust letting it go (after the final draft, of course)

Hope it helps! 😀


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Reached Chapter 7!

Dearest of fans,Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books4

We have reached Chapter 7 (out of 8). Let us celebrate by dancing the dance of our people!

*wipes tear* That was beautiful!

😀 We are almost theeeere!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted on our latest poll, we’ll take your answers into consideration! We’re gonna rest for a day now and think up the ending for the book. We already know what is going to happen… but we don’t know HOW it is going to happen, which is kind of appropriate as neither do our characters. ^^’

Biggest of hugs. Let’s finish this!

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Writing a Gay Furry Book – What’s it like?

Trap Me - Book - Gay Novel - LGBT - Furry - by Chris and Cooper Elkin - Elkin Books2So you woke up one day, thinking to yourself: “Hmmm, I should write a book! A Gay Furry Book!”

You start getting excited about it, you get awesome ideas, you tell your friend / family / neighbors / neighbors’ cat that you want to write a book …and then you realize that you have to go to work. You know, your daily job.

Now, if you are one of the lucky soon-to-be authors who has a job that requires the use of computers, you might think: “ZOMG, I could totally write my book during breaks or slow-times!” …and you do that. Then you start feeling awkward. Thoughts and questions start floating around your head.

  “What if my colleagues see this? What if people start talking about me and start spreading rumors that might affect my job and future promotions?”

It’s fine, you calm yourself down, you know you will be extra careful. So you start writing. Tip-Tap-Tip-Tap the keyboard goes as you really get into this scene you really like.

“Oh wow, are you writing a book?!” one of your passing colleagues asks, making you jump and minimize the window. “What’s it about?” he/she asks and you have no idea what to reply. You say something about adventures and epic chases… that you don’t have a name yet for the characters or the story or your pseudonym (even though you do) and you dodge that bullet gracefully.

Later on, you finish chapter one. It’s sloppy and first draft-y, but it makes you proud. You’re happy and you wanna share that with someone! …but then you realize that your friend / family / neighbors / neighbors’ cat are either homophobic, furryphobic or just plain and simple not interested in your story.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not, if you are part of the furry culture or not… if you’re writing about it (in the country where Cooper and I live in) you will be seen as a freak-of-nature with “unnatural attractions.”

So you have to hide everything and you get discouraged. You look for other people to morally support you and your work… and you turn to the online communities that are, for the most part, surprisingly friendly and welcoming. You continue writing and you start doing it for them, for your new and awesome fans. You find beta-readers and you get all these nice, honest feedbacks on your work. People start asking you about the size of your book, how many pages will it have, if the characters will end up together or not… and you suddenly start feeling that your work is appreciated.

Therefore, as you may have guessed, our tips for writing would be:

  • Write from your heart. Whatever you feel like writing about, do it! You will find people who will like it.
  • Find the people who will like it. Look for communities, forums, groups – they ARE there, somewhere.
  • Finish it. Finish your book, your essay, your article. It’s worth it, even if it is read only by ten people.
  • Be careful who you share it with. You’re smart, you know what we mean – focus on enhancing the beauty of the culture you are writing for; don’t try to change mentalities of people. Write for those who  care.

You start writing for your fans and hope, really hope, that they will like it. You announce that you are halfway through Chapter 6 (which we are) and they get excited about it. Everybody is happy.

So you wake up one day, thinking to yourself: “Hmmm, writing what I like to write is awesome.”

And it is. It’s awesome. 🙂

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