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Major / Minor – Furry Game Review

Major Minor Review Furry Game

While investigating the market for furry games, as we are working on a little game ourselves, Cooper and I stumbled upon “Major/Minor” – a furry novel game. What made us do a double-take on it was the fact that it had been launched on Steam. Quite impressive to begin with as we all know the general view of society when it comes to furry products.

Let’s jump right in! – (click on “Continue reading”)

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Rabbit Valley and Second Ed add “Trap Me!” to their stores

StoresIf you are a fan of Rabbit Valley or Second Ed, you can now buy our book from them as well!

Get it from Rabbit Valley right here.

Get it from Second Ed right here (you need to search “Trap Me” through the site’s search option).

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Book sent!


This is it. We are checking our email every single day for the big announcement. 😀

The next thing we will write here on this blog is the exact locations from where you’ll be able to buy our book. Let’s hope the prices will be fair for everyfurry, we did our best to tone them down as much as possible.

Now it is only a matter of time and patience. Thank you for being here, with us, at the end of our journey!

*big group hug*

– Chris and Cooper


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1 Day Left!


Today’s achievements:

Cooper – Sketched out an illustration for Chris to work on, as a general angle and vision regarding the artwork. Continued working on his own pieces. One and a half to go.

Chris – With the help of a friend, he put together the final version of the manuscript. Added the correct Font and the correct size, modified margins, inserted pictures. The book starts to take its final form.

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2 More Days!


Today’s achievements:

Cooper – Rechecked some details on yesterday’s illustration. All good now. Started another one. Three more to go.

Chris – Tackling one last illustration. It’s a difficult one.

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3 Days left!


Today’s achievements:

Cooper – Finished another illustration. Four more to go.

Chris – Rewrote the book blurb (back cover text) to fit with the choices you made through our POLL. (Took about 5 hours to make it perfect).

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4 Days and POLL! – Reaching out to you



We need your input on this, please 😀

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8 more sunsets to go!


Today’s accomplishments:

Cooper – Halfway through the back cover. Looking good. Needs adjustment for width.

Chris – One more page for the appendix. Not rushed, just perfect.

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8 More Illustrations to Go

Book Tribute - Elkin Books - From a Fan - LGBT


The written part of “Trap Me!” is done. Yep, done. Completely. To the last little dot.

If you are curious:

  • it went through roughly 7 drafts and a half before finishing the final version of the manuscript
  • we just realized that we forgot to add a little thing in a paragraph — so we just did. Really. Two minutes ago.
  • the book had been read by someone who is neither gay nor a furry and he loved it. That’s a good sign. 🙂

Moving on to the CHECKLIST!


Write Book                                                     CheckFull


Edit Written Book (1st Draft)              CheckFull


2nd Draft                                                        CheckFull


3rd Draft Sent to Editors                       CheckFull


Editors Finished Editing                      CheckFull


Front Cover Finished                              CheckFull


Back Cover Finished                               CheckEmpty


Interior Images Finished                     CheckEmpty


Last Draft Check-Up and Publish  CheckEmpty


Yup, that’s pretty much it. Cooper is working day and night on the interior illustrations and the back cover so we can finally send this story out into the world.

We’re preparing a little “About Authors” section of our book. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know? Leave a comment, please. 😀

P.S. Thank you to one of our Google+ fans, Alva Swift, for writing our name in the sand, on an awesome beach somewhere. We love you too!


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Book Checklist!

Banner Trap Me

Dearest furry fuzzy friends,

Chris: We’ve been quiet lately, due to …umm…

Cooper: Our internet was on fire! *grins*

Chris: Nooo… We’re just wrapping things up here and we know it is taking a lot.

Cooper: My idea was better.

Chris: They don’t wanna read about that, shush!

Cooper: Yeah they do! They wanna know what’s taking so LONG …we need a good reason.

Chris: We HAVE a good reason. We want it to be good!

Cooper: Friends, here’s a quick checklist to see where we’re at right now. Almost there!

Write Book                                                     CheckFull

Edit Written Book (1st Draft)              CheckFull

2nd Draft                                                        CheckFull

3rd Draft Sent to Editors                       CheckFull

Editors Finished Editing                       CheckEmpty

Front Cover Finished                              CheckFull

Back Cover Finished                               CheckEmpty

Interior Images Finished                     CheckEmpty

Last Draft Check-Up and Publish  CheckEmpty


P.S. Our wonderful LAST EDITOR has confirmed that he’s in the last stages of editing and will send the manuscript back by the end of next week! 😀

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